Ruckus - ZoneDirector 1200

Ruckus - ZoneDirector 1200
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> Highlights - Number of 150 APs supported - 4,000 clients per cluster - 2x GbE ethernet ports -... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ruckus - ZoneDirector 1200"
> Highlights
- Number of 150 APs supported
- 4,000 clients per cluster
- 2x GbE ethernet ports
- 802.1x, local database, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP authentication support
- Guest networking / captive portal
- DHCP server
- L2/L3 AP discovery and control
- dynamic VLANs
- Smart/OS Software Suite and Application Engine
- Provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF, and location management.
- SmartMesh wireless meshing that is self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing
- Adaptable Hybrid SmartMesh extends the wireless network through Ethernet-connected APs, increasing system performance through better spatial reuse
- Elegant guest networking without the hassle
- Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (PSK) that are automatically installed on clients
- Support for 802.1x, LDAP (captive portal), native Active Directory, and RADIUS authentication and dynamic VLAN assignment capabilities
- Multi-site authentication to scale large deployments
- Automatic traffic redirection using WISPr for multi-site authentication for large-scale deployments
- Automatically ensures predictable performance for voice, video, and multimedia through the use of Layer 3 tunneling and using key caching techniques when roaming
- Bandsteering, load balancing, and airtime fairness to optimize Wi-Fi spectrum
- Users access policies provide rich WLAN control
- Traffic thresholds for users on a specific SSID to ensure fairness
- Maximizes data throughput by sending all data traffic directly from the access points to the wired network
- Easy to Deploy and Manage
- Seamlessly integrates with existing network, security, and authentication infrastructure
- Automatically discovers and configures Ruckus APs, which become instantly manageable
- Dynamic RF controls over transmit power and channel assignments
- Supports 256 WLANs mapped to specific APs or VLANs
- Is easily configured in minutes through point-and-click web-based wizard
- Customizable dashboard provides comprehensive at-a-gl
> Produkttyp
- WLAN-Controller
ZoneDirector 1200, licensed for up to 5 ZoneFlex Access Points. With software ZD10.0 and above, ZD1200 can be upgraded to support up to 150 APs with license upgrades.
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